Writing a strategic plan for a small law firm

I am not suggesting that you should highlight your weaknesses, but at least, address issues that you can expect the firm to ask during the conversation.

It is simply a process that forces a law firm to pause briefly to carefully consider where the practice has been, where it is today, where you would like it to be in the future—and how you can make this happen. For instance, a criminal defense firm in Detroit may not initially have the budget to show up citywide for all of the desired search terms.

What library and other information sources will be needed? If changes need to be made to the plan, a little extra time can be added. Some of these issues may be longstanding problems that have not yet reached crisis level, but have been neglected for too long.

The firms will encounter different levels of competition depending on the parts of the country the advertisements are displaying. Retreat At the completion of the strategic planning process, a retreat to consider and adopt the plan is most helpful. Most small firms want more business and better business.

On the organic front, these firms are assaulted from all angles. Asking questions like this can help your firm ensure that your marketing and business development resources are going in the right direction--and can help your firm create a deliberate way forward, with an integrated approach to ensure goals are met and resources are not squandered.

The above discussions will uncover a lot of information. It is not surprising that many small law firms lack strategic plans.

A Guide to Law Firm Strategic Planning

What legal structure to use: Including Others Associates and Staff. Most often, monitoring is best accomplished by holding regularly scheduled meetings each month.

The most difficult part of any small law firm strategic plan is execution.

Sample Marketing Plans and Strategies

This is the time to brag about yourself, are you Chambers ranked? Further, since the firm works with clients nationwide they could look for opportunities to create content that focuses on both local and nationwide goals. Similarly, if your inflated estimations are the tipping point of your acceptance, you may find yourself being pushed back onto the market soon after if your business generation is comparatively disappointing to your estimations.

There are pros and cons to including associate attorneys and law firm staff in the strategic planning process. Continuing the previous example, immigration law is filled with super specific acronyms and names for visas and procedures. Partners must understand the investment required to implement any proposed plan along with the potential risks and rewards.

Strategic Planning in Law Firms: Essential Steps for Success

Firms run pro formas based on years of historical originations to determine future compensation. They envision hours spent with a high-priced consultant who spouts arcane business jargon and then presents obvious recommendations.

Whatever the reason, firms prioritize certain hires for various reasons. Review your current non-financial resources. On the other hand, associates and staff do not have an ownership stake in the firm and will be less immediately affected financially by any changes that are part of the strategic plan.

What is our reputation in the marketplace? What financing may be needed? The chart in this section should break down your work by category. Lateral Link is one of the top-rated international legal recruiting firms.

This takes time and resources.Law Student Writing Contest It is imperative for today’s law firms to have a strategic plan that evolves with the firm and changes in the market; however, only 24% of law firms report having.

STRATEGIC PLANNING IN LAW FIRMS Those law firms that have failed - both large and small - all demonstrated a lack of purpose and agreement on purpose and direction. Where there is no guarantee that Original Firm Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Implementation Approach/Plan Practice Group Strategic and Operating Plans.

Sample Law Firm Business Plan

A typical marketing plan may involve some initial SEO content writing, NAP citations for local searches, as well as content that focuses on the firm's main services. The benefit of being in a small town is that with relatively little content, and minimal continued content growth, a firm can achieve decent search rankings by just having the site.

A successful small law firm strategic plan should consider a firm’s unique culture and vision, emerging trends in the legal market that might provide opportunities, emerging threats in the market that might dictate a change of course, and any needed operational changes.

Closing Words And Sample Law Firm Business Plan. I trust you are now better prepared to begin this important step in building your law firm, and to move from thinking about starting a business, to being in the process of starting a business. A Guide to Law Firm Strategic Planning.

By Brian Kennel on February 21, Choosing to partner with the right IT resources can transform a law firm. Financial Plan: Recognizing the Essence of Small and Mid-sized Law Firm Compensation.

Writing a strategic plan for a small law firm
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