Write a story about a turkey in disguise

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. In Egyptian culture, the vulture represented eternal power and protection. Although based on my original templates, these educators clearly put a lot of time and creativity into making their own versions for Thanksgiving. We each got our very own sight word mini reader today.

He sure was hungry!

We were stuck inside all day, but we kept busy and had lots of fun with so many turkey activities from my Turkey Unit! Our super large turkey friend got a new pattern added on him today! Yet another bird the Egyptians favored was the ostrich.

We were so excited to place our new ABC pattern that we learned today on our super large turkey friend! He read his story aloud and then shared how his turkey was in a rodeo.

Imagine yourself, instead, transported back in time to Egypt and the great Pharaohs. Connect with me on Twitter at twitter. Then, we worked together to create AB patterns with pictures and using the letters AB on our pocket chart.

Take a look at some of the turkeys they created.

The Story of Tom Turkey

My kids loved this turkey and thought it was very creative. Which is your favorite? They do this by copying and pasting masks, costumes, hats, accessories, and shoes onto their turkey.

They wrote about how they would disguise their turkey and made a turkey craft with their disguise! Two awesome educators worked from my Snowman and Jack-O-Lantern templates to create their own Turkey versions.

And even though tender young Arnold was to be sacrificed, well, he was too young to even notice really, as his brain was still the size of a pea. I can not believe that Thanksgiving is next week already.

Turkey Trouble / Disguise a Turkey {A Book and Activity for Thanksgiving}

We started by making ABB patterns on strips with colored tiles. See below for a brief description of the two templates, as well as links to get your own copies for your students to use.

So, folks…enjoy your turkey dinners with your families, and remember this: Much to the delight of both Tom Turkey and Henny Penny to whom Tom now owed one big favorwhen Farmer Johnson strode through the barnyard looking for that special turkey for his Thanksgiving dinner he selected Arnold, a month-old turkey who was quite nicely rounded and fattened up for such a young bird.

Disguise a Turkey with Free Printable Template

We sure do LOVE crafts! But Uncle Tehuti ix-nayed that one immediately, explaining that Maat, the Egyptian Truth Goddess, was often shown wearing an ostrich feather headdress. This was a lot of fun and a great activity to move around since we were stuck inside all week!

I am gearing up for some family time and some relaxation. You can get your own copy and see all of the directions here: Click below to check out the craftivity and writing. Then, we jumped right into learning about ABC patterns.Nov 14,  · Here are some examples of ways you can disguise your turkey.

Tom the Turkey: Fun Thanksgiving Stories for Kids - Kindle edition by Arnie Lightning. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Tom the Turkey: Fun Thanksgiving Stories for Kids/5(33).

Disguise a Turkey! Thanksgiving Writing Activity with Google Slides. So here we have “Disguise a Turkey students are given several slides worth of items they can use to build a disguise for their turkey.

Once disguised, they can then write their descriptive paragraph or imaginative story. Nov 15,  · We also colored the turkey to look like our favorite disguise from the story. We kept this writing to put in our turkey disguise books for tomorrow.

I gave each student a letter from our focus sight word 'you'.Author: A Spoonful of Learning.

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Second-graders write turkey book, win prize amongentrants left, reads "Turkey's Disguise" with Jackson Stark on Tuesday at Perryville Elementary School in Perryville, Missouri. Here's a fun twist on the disguise a turkey activity that adds a Thanksgiving persuasive writing component!

Poor Tom Turkey disguises himself as the Pigeon so he won't be eaten on Thanksgiving. Students help Tom persuade their family to eat hot dogs instead of turkey inside this adorable pigeon turkey craft booklet!

Disguise a Turkey! Thanksgiving Writing Activity with Google Slides

Prewriting minilesson and .

Write a story about a turkey in disguise
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