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I believe he uses this as a way to convey guilt, murder, betrayal, treachery and evil, and to symbolize forewarning of events. Lady Macbeth saw the same blood, as a step forward to their success in the future, and the derivative of their hard work, which would ultimately result in fruition.

One particular incident, was the scene after King Duncan was murdered by Macbeth. Just before the ending of the play, Macbeth has Macduff at his mercy, and lets him go, because of his guilt.

Her weakness causes her to take to sleepwalking. The death of Macbeth is honored feat that Macduff is congratulated for. After these few references to honor, the symbol of blood now changes to show a theme of treachery and treason.

Perhaps the best way to show how the symbol of blood changes throughout the play, is to follow the character changes in Macbeth. Unlock All Answers Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more, enjoy eNotes ad-free, and get the following: So as we have seen meaning of the symbol of blood change from honor to treachery, and then to guilt, after this, it returns to the symbolic meaning of honor once again after the villain that changed the meaning from honor to tyranny is killed.

What she is saying by this, is that she wants to make herself insensitive and remorseless for the deeds which she is about to commit. Lady Macbeth shows the most vivid example of guilt using the symbol of blood in the scene in which she walks in her sleep. Use an editor to spell check essay.

First he is a brave honored soldier, but as the play progresses, he becomes a treacherous person who has become identified with death and bloodshed and shows his guilt in different forms. In the beginning of this play blood resembles honor, bravery, and maybe even victory.

To begin with, I found the word "blood", or different forms of it forty-two times ironically, the word fear is used forty-two timeswith several other passages dealing with the symbol. His bravery is rewarded by the title of Thane of Cawdor, with the help of the current one being executed for treason.

Fie, my lord, fie, a soldier, and afeard? Her guilt finds itself coming alive every time she sleeps, and this highlights her poor state of mind and her desperate requirement of care. Lady Macbeth knows that the evidence of blood is a treacherous symbol, and knows it will deflect the guilt from her and Macbeth to the servants when she says "smear the sleepy grooms with blood.

The sight of apparitions represents his guilt for the murder of Banquo which he planned. He mentions that the thought of the blood splattered all over the body of the virtuous Duncan was itself horrifying, and returning the bloody daggers to his chamberlains, was impossible for him to endure or perform.

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The first reference of blood is one of honor, and occurs when Duncan sees the injured sergeant and says "What bloody man is that? What need we fear who knows it when none can call out power to account? She also utters monstrosities while she is sleepwalking. He feels that what he had done was so wrong and shameful there is not a way in the world to hide it, the ocean is an excellent way to portray this.

This speech represents the fact that she cannot wipe the blood stains of Duncan off of her hands. Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?

Lady Macbeth starts this off when she asks the spirits to "make thick my blood,". After the first murder scene, when Macbeth stabs King Duncan in his sleep, he encounters a great deal of guilt towards the murder.

I am going to prove that in the play Macbeth, a symbol of blood is portrayed often and with different meaningsand that it is a symbol that is developed until it is the dominating theme of the play towards the end of it.

He could not believe he had been part of the heinous crime he had just committed. When Macbeth is speaking about Malcolm and Donalbain, he refers to them as "bloody cousins" A final way, and perhaps the most vivid use of the symbol blood, is of the theme of guilt.

Due to these many changes, it has been proved that the symbol of blood has many different meanings which can be attributed to it throughout the course of this play.Included: macbeth essay content.

Preview text: I am going to prove that in the play Macbeth, a symbol of blood is portrayed often(and with different meanings), and that it is a symbol that is developed until it is the dominating theme of the play towards the end of it.

To begin with, I found the. Blood is a symbol that appears throughout the play and is present during many important scenes. Shakespeare uses the image of blood to illustrate changes in Macbeth's character throughout the play.

At the beginning of the play, blood is used to represent Macbeth's loyalty and honor as a soldier. Blood in Macbeth essays William Shakespeare uses many techniques to increase the intensity and excitement in his plays. Macbeth, the dramatic play written by William Shakespeare has many good examples of imagery, especially blood.

The presence of blood adds a sense of fear, guilt, shame, insanity, a.

The Symbols In Macbeth English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, In Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth got blood on his hands by murdering King Duncan.

After Macbeth murdered King Duncan he confided with his wife about his crime and fear. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth use water to clean them of the murder they have.

Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay: Blood Images and Imagery - Use of Blood Imagery in Macbeth William Shakespeare uses many techniques to liven the intensity, and the excitement in his plays.

In the play of MacBeth, Shakespeare uses blood imagery to add a sense of fear, guilt, shame, insanity, and anger to the atmosphere.

A Symbol Of Blood In Macbeth

Essay about Use of Blood in Shakespeare's Macbeth - Use of Blood in Macbeth In the play ‘Macbeth’, Shakespeare uses brutal imagery, with association of blood. The mood of disgust and horror towards the characters and setting is established by the references to the universal representation of death and pain.

Use of blood in macbeth essay
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