Unit 24 mediaaaaaaaaaaaaa assingment 1

The procedural programming paradigm is the model of programming, this would be based on distinct concepts which would be the way that programmers would design, organize and write programs, it could also be called from any point with the general program including all the other procedures.

Else statements This code shows an else if statement which would mean if the user is under 18 you would get a different result if the user was over Visually it looks great and there are elements of Michael Bay all over some of the slow-motion city destruction scenes.

The trailer is showing Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, these characters which have their own films, on dvd, their is merchandise for them There are different produces within procedural programming because there is different options that are would need to be carried in order to make sure that the program works without any problems, within the procedures there are a lot of things that would Unit 24 mediaaaaaaaaaaaaa assingment 1 to be included such as subroutine this would be included because it helps the program to carry out different tasks so that it will work without any problems.

Include two example programming languages as examples. The way that programming libraries would be used in procedural programming would be that it would enable you to import extra commands and routines so that the program is able to work and easy to understand for the user.

We can straight away tell that The Avengers is made for the enjoyment of males, we can tell this straight away because of the producers use of stereotypical assumptions that draw in the male species for example, explosions, soldiers, gun shots, police, violence and the trailers background music and voiceovers draw the audience into the trailer and makes them think this is awesome.

Examples of code This would be a if statements because it shows that you something is going to happen because it would need to executed if the if statement is true then it would work and run without any errors. It has a glow in the background which seems to symbolise space and fantasy.

A pre-defined function is something which used to reduce the amount of code that would need to be used and acts like a command so that the user know what to do.

Identify who the target audience is for your film Psychographics Aspirers - Seek status they are materialistic, typical younger people Mainstreamers - Seek security, tend to be domestic, conformist, favour family brands.

The link that you would use would let the user automatically look in different libraries to look for routines that might be used. This sample of code shows an If statement, this is where if the block of code is to be executed then it has to be true. Likes to explore new ideas and likes adventure, typically younger Age - Probably young boys and teenagers and maybe young adults Gender.

Nearly always the largest group Explorers - Seek discovery. An example of code to do with parameter passing would be: Parameter passing, Molecularity, Procedures. When making this blog i am going to talk about different things such as these would include things such as pre-defined function, Local variables, Global variables.

The modularity would also be used when you have set the names this would be part of a procedure and would be able to be used over and over again for different things.

There are different samples of code that could be used this would include things like if, else, else if, for, int, char, String, double and Boolean explaining what parts do.

Include samples of code including: C this is a program language which enables you to create computer programs, C allows you to have maxium control and efficiency so that you the programmer is able to benefit from it.

And we see a number of different shots of the different members of The Avengers and Nick Fury says "Gentlemen what are you prepared to do?Unit 24 Assignment 4 Linda van Meerland Mrs Ushpiz Transit passengers stay at airside after leaving the aircraft.

At large airports the transit passengers can wait in the transit lounge for departing with the same aircraft. Thursday, 24 October Unit 26 Assignment 3 - Fandom Blog Post Unit 26 Assignment 3 Charlotte. You should analyse trailers and posters in a lot of detail, pulling out specific examples of the camera, text, colours and sound from these things that target the audience (using the psychographics labels as well).

Unit 26 Assignment 1. If "Fit to Paper" is selected by default, uncheck it and select a scale of 1 inch to 1 paper unit (). This will make your printout 'life-sized'. 6. Now Preview your drawing.

I strongly recommend that you preview EVERY drawing you will ever draw in. Transcript of Unit 2, Assignment 2: A Career in the Writing Industry Unit 2,Activity 2, Assignment 2: Planning all Possible Pathways Three jobs that I could get in this industry are author, publisher or librarian.

Full transcript. More presentations by Emmi King. HI Unit 1 assignment Kaplan University, Davenport HI - Summer unit 16 assignment 1. Post navigation assignment 1 unit Posted by louisrudge 0.

In this assignment i am going to talk about procedural programming, I will be explaining different things such as functions, local variables and global variables. When making this blog i am going to talk about different things such as these would include.

Unit 24 mediaaaaaaaaaaaaa assingment 1
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