Top summer jobs for college students

Ice Cream Scooper This is as close to being ice cream as it gets. You can get work from firms that contract out resume writers, or ask around campus for people who are graduating soon.

You must possess good writing and research skills and formidable knowledge of the United Nations and other multilateral institutions. You can expect minimum wage for the hours you do work, but if you are a movie buff it could be a perfect summer job.

Golf Caddy Golf caddies make a ton of money for minimal effort. Pet-sitting is a very important job, and you would be entrusted to watch over the animals as if they were your own.

Here you help organize activities for kids and help facilitate an awesome summer for them. But a lot of cities have summer youth employment programs that can help match you to seasonal opportunities. Work in the library. College Freshmen through Graduate Students, Year 5 The Recreation Internship is available to students majoring in recreation management or a related field.

Also, the food you take home or buy there will be way healthier for you. Of course, plenty of outdoor jobs are also available in cities and non-wilderness areas.

Student Jobs

Movie Theater Employee Summer is blockbuster season at the movies, and theaters will be on the lookout for more help — why not get in on the action? It can be as simple as mowing lawns and weed whacking, to digging and doing heavier labor.

Best Summer Jobs for College Students: Over 26 Ideas That Are Worth Exploring

But be prepared to come home exhausted. As a high schooler, you may feel as though you lack the necessary experience to land a prime gig. As an intern, you will be expected to handle a wide range of administrative and office support tasks and will be able to work independently with little or no supervision.

28 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Their cars are just sitting there all day, so offering your mobile detailing service at their location makes total sense. Another advantage is it reinforces the topics.

40+ Exciting Summer Internships for College Students & Grad Students

Library employee Now you finally have an excuse to go get your summer homework done. Plus, you can get paid more if you learn enough to specialize in medical or legal transcribing.

Tutor Summer is usually spent on vacation, but many students use summer break to continue or enhance their education. Walking Fido around all day will leave your calves and wallet in great shape.

Intern duties include drafting content for mass emails regarding advocacy campaigns and drafting blog entries for our website.

12 Great Summer Jobs for High School Students

Golf Course Caddy The hourly pay may not be great, but the tips and perks can make hitting the links to work a worthwhile way to spend your summer.

College Freshmen through College Seniors The Second City Administrative Internship is open to energetic, highly-motivated interns who are interested in working shows produced at The Second City year round.

Handyperson Summer is normally the time of year when homeowners complete home improvement projectsso offering your services here can make you some decent money.

To be eligible, you must be able to work a minimum 30 hours each week and have relevant experience. Use a word processing software template to make your own marketing materials. Get your CPR certification to further boost your credentials.After you’re done pondering the above, the universe, and the best summer adventure, here’s a list of the best summer jobs for college students to help you pay for said adventure.

Outdoor Jobs Best part about summer? 10 best paying summer jobs in France for American students. 4. 10 best paying summer jobs for nursing students. 5. 10 best paying outdoor summer jobs for college students. 6. 10 best summer jobs where you get to travel.

7. 11 online summer jobs for college students with no experience. 8. 10 best summer jobs for 16 year olds. 9. It can be incredibly hard to find a summer internship; sometimes the best job is just something local that pays well. Take a look at 21 best summer jobs for college students that will fill your wallet (and your beer fund) this summer.

I Got Bills: 21 Summer Jobs for College Students

31 High Paying Jobs For College Students. Adobe Stock / Jacob Lund. By Sarah Landrum. to digging and doing heavier labor. It’s one of those summer jobs that can get you in great shape!

Check out The 14 Best Part Time Jobs for Students. Explore some of the best summer jobs for college students, including both outdoor and indoor opportunities. And learn about finding cool summer internships! Best student jobs during college. Part-time work, online jobs, tutoring, summer internships and more employment opportunities for college students.

College is expensive, so a student job is a great way to help pay for college.

Top summer jobs for college students
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