Tiark rompf thesis

From Query Interpreters to Query Compilers. He completed his Ph. Workshop on Meta-Programming Techniques and Reflection. Workshop on Generic Programming CW HyoukJoong Lee, Kevin J. CS deep learning for symbolic reasoningCS compilers,CS grad compilersCS software foundations, CS metaprogramming Research My research is generously supported by the following sponsors: Purdue University, Staging for Database Systems: Tiark Rompf, Martin Odersky.

Building efficient query engines in a high-level language. Martin Odersky, Tiark Rompf. ScalaDays [video] Node. Artificial Intelligence, Champaign, Building efficient query engines in a high-level language. Phil Bagwell, Tiark Rompf. Abstraction with Regret for Verified Systems Programming.

Linguistic Reuse for Deep Embeddings. Apr 7, 4: Atreya, Martin Odersky, Kunle Olukotun. Journal of Functional Programming to appear.

Tiark Rompf

Sujeeth, Nada Amin, Kevin J. Type Soundness Proofs with Definitional Interpreters [pdf] Most of my work revolves around Lightweight Modular Staging LMSa platform and methodology for integrating runtime code generation into high-level programs and especially for building embedded compilers for domain specific languages DSLs.

Dan Goldwasser was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland in College Park.

Optimized Heterogeneous Computing with Parallel Patterns. Nada Amin, Tiark Rompf. Our project Lantern is a new take on deep learning frameworks based on LMS and delimited continuationscombining the benefits of TensorFlow and PyTorch. Tiark Rompf, Kevin J.

Practice and Experience 23 New Directions for Extensible Compilers based on Staging. Differential Testing for Embedded Compilers. International Conference on Generative Programming:May 23,  · This video is unavailable.

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Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Tiark Rompf Design and Implementation of a Programming Language for Concurrent Interactive Systems Diplomarbeit this thesis and the requirements for. Department of Computer Science (Graduate) Print-Friendly Page. Return to: Graduate Studies.

Non-thesis MS in CS via distance learning; Combined Degree Programs (Undergraduate Degree / Master’s Degree): Tiark Rompf Mohammad Sadoghi. Research interests Programming languages, including type systems, generative programming, relational pro- Thesis: “Dependent Object Types.” POPL’18 Nada Amin and Tiark Rompf.

Collapsing Towers of Interpreters, Principles of. Building Efficient Query Engines in a High-Level Language. Yannis Klonatos, Christoph Koch, Tiark Rompf, Hassan Chafi, PVLDB 7(10). The Purdue course catalog bulletin lets you search for every class and course for every major offered at the West Lafayette campus.

Tiark rompf thesis
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