The strengths and weaknesses of the common piano teaching methods

If you are not a pianist, you can take piano lessons at the same time as your child; this is one of the best ways to get them started. Above all, they must learn mental play.

Methods like the Clark cover the same material in one or two books that the Primer Level and the Level 1 in this method take 8 or more books to do. They must be tested in sports, literature, science, art, etc. There is this disturbing tendency to classify each youngster as brainy or brawny, creating a wall or even antagonism between art and physical activity, science, etc.

The important factor in breast feeding is regular feeding, equally with both breasts — any interruption can stop milk production in that breast.

Because hearing impaired babies do not receive sound stimuli, their brain development will be retarded; this is another evidence that music helps brain development. An additional factor was the stratification of piano learning into beginners and advanced students.

Secure mental play is the single most effective method for reducing stage fright. The main pedagogical weakness of the Faber and Faber beginning method books is the insistence on using position playing, although the books also attempt to mitigate the effects of position playing after it has been introduced.

We cannot pattern our teaching with the Westernized countries as ours is different. It is going to be helpful because students can look at it over and over.

The others can learn by watching and discussing how these good ones cope with each issue. More concise and challenging than many other method book series, the Pace books prepare the student for the classical repertoire at an earlier stage of training than many methods.

What are Some Different Teaching Methods?

Too often beginning students play with smashed-in knuckles, and fingers flying around as straight as a pencils. This is eminently natural because artists train all their lives to be artists, not teachers.

An advantage of this method is that students learn to read intervals and to see the intervalic relationship between notes. Joining a group of teachers is a good way to get started.

Parents must educate their children to turn the volume down on those earphones, especially if they are listening to genres of music that are often played extremely loud. The truth should be the exact opposite. Fate has suddenly turned the future of piano into a wide, open future with limitless possibilities.

Of course, most teachers will try to keep their best students and to teach as many students as they can. Just like talent, prodigy, or genius, readers and memorizers are not born, they are created.

Also many established teachers often have to turn away students because of a lack of time, especially if the teacher has a good reputation in that local area. Formal recitals and music competitions are full of pitfalls and must be approached with care and a lot of planning.

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A Musician?

However, a basic piano education, following a knowledge based, project management type of method used in this book, will benefit children no matter what career they choose.

Let small groups of three or four students work on a mini-project together so there is one product between them. When all these historical facts are assembled, it is easy to understand why the great masters could not teach, and why even dedicated piano teachers did not have all the tools they needed.

Most students can benefit greatly by having been taught by more than one teacher. Therefore, there are advantages to learning both classical and modern music.

And these communications are conducted at the levels of the genius composers, something few parents can hope to match! Scales should be taught thumb-under for beginners but, within a year, they should be taught thumb-over also. Please as you find time provide such things for discussion.

It is a lot of fun for the teachers also.

Piano Teaching Methods

Test the child for hearing, rhythm clapping handspitch singingmotor control, attention span, what interests them, etc. Does it happen automatically or do you do it at certain times? Teachers can also benefit by banding together and sharing students and costs of facilities.

There are good practice suggestions given for most of the materials such as counting aloud and holding the hands in a rounded position on the piano. If you concentrate on technique, the student might lose track of musical playing.The best teachers will tailor their teaching to the strengths, weaknesses and interests of the individual student.

They will choose, combine or invent materials and approaches that work best for that student. All piano teaching methods embody, to at least a degree, a certain small set of underlying principles or, put another way, a. Most importantly, remember that each child has strengths and weaknesses. It is the parents’ job to find the strengths and support them, and the strengths will not always point towards a pianist career.

In this information age, there is no such thing as secret methods of teaching piano, and the success of the teacher depends on open. Jun 10,  · Re: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a performer?

«Reply #8 on: June 06,PM» One of my strengths is that I know how to prepare well for a performance, I know what I need to do to have a successful performance, and I'm learning to concentrate on the piano and making the best sound I possibly can from it.

"What are your strengths and weaknesses as a musician?" It is unsurprising to me that different people find some aspects of music easier than others, and I'm generally interested, partly as me and partly as a student of education, in your strengths and weaknesses, and also whether you used any special methods to develop or compensate the weaknesses.

Piano Teaching Method

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The strengths and weaknesses of the common piano teaching methods
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