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My biggest take away about classroom management is the relationship piece. Coming to Minnesota as a refugee from Thailand, I was so enthusiastic and hopeful to continue my education for a better life. This fosters deep analytical thinking and a love for learning that is critical to becoming active, participating members of a community-and that is my over arching goal of becoming a professional educator.

Student Teaching Experience

Throughout the semester I was able to create a really great atmosphere in my classrooms. My last hope is one Student teaching experience essay example I would like to become a useful resource person in my Karen community as a professional in education.

I also would like to become more creative when it comes to designing alternative assignments. However, I always knew in my heart that I love working with teenaged children.

My thoughts going forward… My observations of classroom management are that most problems in the classroom can be eliminated using two tools: I feel that this model is extremely effective because it allows students to take the lead in their own learning by capturing their interest with an activity while prompting them to explain why something happens.

Lastly, a long term goal is to find and develop my individual and unique classroom management style. Student teaching experience essay example I started building better relationships with my students, there was an obvious correlation to classroom management improvements.

There was other staff in the building of which I grew very fond of as well; specifically, the ladies in the library who have been very helpful. For example, when students were required to make a model of the Solar System they really got into the assignment and enjoyed coloring their models.

If students are given a routine, they begin to understand what is expected of them when they enter the classroom. In any given lesson, I would try to focus on the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning styles while incorporating interactive activities.

Although I had many more learning experiences during this time, I cannot lose sight of my intrinsic motivation for becoming a teacher — to make a difference in the lives of young people.

First, I would like to start implementing some quick classroom management tools for attending skills. In spite of the many daily challenges, I am ecstatic to say that I was able to attain all of my student teaching goals. While planning, I also had a large amount of documents, readings, maps, etc.

I am also very proud to be part of community education and represent many Karen immigrants in Minnesota. I would also like to work on giving clear directions in the future.

It felt amazing that I had the opportunity to continue my education, but I did not know how to make it through my first semester. When I started college, I was very happy, but clueless. My schedule was a great help; due to the block schedule I was able to have three consecutive off periods.

After a couple weeks, however, I was more comfortable in front of the class.

My Educational Experiences and Future Plans

Then, since until now, having worked in an urban secondary public school in Saint Paul as an educational assistant, I really love my job as an educator. An additional goal that has been met is assessing pacing and time-management.

However, there were some days when I would spend several minutes trying to get their attention. Many children did not have educational opportunities because of life they had to go through.

For example, it was hard for me to separate homework that was graded and plugged into the grade book, work that was graded but not plugged in, and ungraded work.

Therefore, I was able to plan my units, using Understanding by Design, rather easily. First, I gained a great deal of confidence in my skills and abilities in the classroom. My cooperating teacher took the time to show me how he goes about planning a unit, and I gathered very valuable advice from him.

These experiences left me determined to always try to interact more with each student; seeing him or her as a whole person, rather than simply a child who seems only to not care. I made an effort to connect with each student, especially those that I found difficult in class.

Therefore, I hope to be able to help make a difference in these children life so that their dream may come true as other children in the world.

I would also have organized myself a little differently. I waited to give a formal assessment until the end of the unit.

Although part of this was because I needed to be close to the computer to change the slide, I felt most comfortable at the front. By using varied materials and resources the students become easily engaged. They respect you when you show that you care about them. There are several reasons why I wish I would have participated more.

However, I am really happy now that I could start to dream about my future in real life and not a daydream anymore. Student teaching has fanned the fire of my passion for being a teacher and been a light onto the path of how to become the best I can be.

I also made a point to attend as many extra-curricular activities as possible, including basketball games, choir concerts and track meets.I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher, both from getting experience in teaching as This reflective essay is helping me I find it a fun challenge to get the right analogy or example that finally lets the student understand.

Moon Soe is a student at the Metropolitan State University in Minnesota and is currently enrolled in the Urban Teacher Program. Soe expects to graduate in and become a secondary school teacher.

The following is one of two winning essays composed for the The Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship. Teaching Conditional Clauses Essay examples - Introduction It has been well documented that there are three main kinds of conditional sentence.

The first one is the verb in the main clause is “will” or “shall” and the verb in the conditional clause is in the simple present tense. Student Teaching‎ > ‎Teacher Work Sample‎ > ‎ Student Teaching Experience Reflection My student teaching experience has been the best, most informational and inspiring experience in many years.

This teaching experience demonstrates an effective way to motivate students and minimize disruptive behavior. This teaching experience demonstrates an effective way to motivate students and minimize disruptive behavior. My Best Teaching Experience. Search the site GO. For Educators Read a Great Sample College Essay About Teaching.

Components of a Successful Student Teaching Experience. Student teaching is an opportunity for university students to apply the skills and ideas learned through agricultural education classes.

The student teaching process allows the student to tie in the real world relevancy of their studies. By /5(5).

Student teaching experience essay example
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