Scholars are better than dollars

If I were a college admissions official, the NHS would carry so much more weight. I wrote this article several years ago.

Is the National Society of High School Scholars Legit or Is It a Scam?

Private scholarships are relatively rare, and the competition is intense. I appreciate the different perspectives. It looks as if you both made very good decisions. Shatira Phillips 22 months ago Hi everyone.

This is something to ask your guidance counselor. The letters were sent out after the guidance counselor was no longer available. Brook 22 months ago I received the envelope while my brother did not, so I assumed it was put out to people who actually cared about their grades and test scores.

Cheyenne, do what you think is right. Best of luck to you and your son as you continue the college application journey. We decided to save the money.

Anyone can tour any college, as long as they can get there. Best of luck in your college choices. The odds of getting a scholarship are so low. I know there are a lot of honor students world wide and though this program is not as hard to get in, I respect the fact that it honors kids still.

I have a friend that received an invitation, and I told her that it was legit and convenient to be in the organizationbut now I think that I gave her the wrong advice.

We experienced the exact same thing.

Each year around this time, this organization sends out a flurry of letters to students and their parents. For instance, filming local city council meetings or something like that. Maybe you can use the money and take him out to dinner instead.

You have every reason to be proud of yourself and your parents should be proud of you as well. My daughter is in 10th grade and got the letter too. Ransford 2 years ago I received the letter a few days ago and I am not even in high school NotDoingIt, of course the interviewers care mostly about your college record and achievements, as these are most relevant.

She beat the odds and received one of those scholarships. Best wishes to you and your daughter. No worth any effort at all not even the effort to write this opinion. But read the above comment.

LOL, but to me it was worth being able to list this on her resumes for college. For your family, it was a good return on your investment. Best of luck with your college plans. Most scholarship money comes directly from the school you attend.

They do claim to waive the fee for families in need though. It sounds as if your children did not need this additional "award.

Thanks so much for sharing and best wishes to you. He did just fine without it. Best wishes to your son and his plans for college.Stamford Dollars for Scholars held its Scholarship Awards Ceremony on June 5, at PM in the Gen Re Auditorium at the University of Connecticut-Stamford.

Thirty-three out of applicants received 34 scholarships, totaling a record value of. The Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars, a chapter of Scholarship America's Dollars for Scholars, is always looking for supporters to mentor scholarship recipients: * "My mentor motivates me and enables me to do better than I did the year before".

Jul 09,  · Be Aware: National Society of High School Scholars | Seward High School Counse It is that time of year - letters from the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) start arriving. Please know that the counselors at Seward High School have not nominated your son or daughter, because this organization is killarney10mile.coms: Dollars for Scholars chapters work in all kinds of communities, from small towns to urban centers and everywhere in between.

Our chapters have awarded more than $ million to nearlystudents since the first dollars were given out in Fall River, Massachusetts in — including almost $19 million in alone. While the cost of college rises, only half of our scholars graduate with any debt, and the average debt for those who borrow is less than $15, (approximately half.

Stamford Dollars for Scholars is a locally run and supported, all-volunteer, (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in with a simple mission: to mobilize the community and support Stamford students with impactful scholarship awards to .

Scholars are better than dollars
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