Orchids by hazel simmons mcdonald

Orchid flowers are adapted for survival in different growingconditions and in the presence of different pollinators. The most popular types bloom in winter and spring, but orchids maybe found that bloom in any month of the year.

An orchid is a type of flower. While the speaker is in the middle of packing she finds a spray of orchids that was given to her by someone who has a habit of giving people flowers as gifts, just as some people have a habit of giving cards or poems for gifts, and Orchids by hazel simmons mcdonald a result of this, the persona did not really appreciate the gift, so the situation in this poem is that, the persona did not like the gift, but not wanting Orchids by hazel simmons mcdonald seem unappreciative, she did not throw it out, she had instead kept it and instead dealt with the situation by over-watering them; thinking they would die, but they still grew and blossomed normally, so she tried another tactic, by starving, but even then, they still began to blossom new blooms.

How do orchids grow? Many of the different species of orchids have unique adaptations of their flower structure and mechanisms of pollination. There are tens of thousands of different orchids, and colors vary greatly. Would you like to merge this question into it?

The blossoming bud is symbolic of new life, renewed hope and opportunities. Elderly people usually sit and contemplate, reflect on their life, and usually in a peaceful, quiet and serene place.

Admiration, as defined by Google, is the object of respect and of warm approval. This leads to their admiration for the flowers, and why that is. As the orchids are adaptable to whatever hardships, difficulties, or challenges encountered in their natural surroundings so too can must the persona learn to develop endurance.

It can be seen that admiration was given to the flowers for their acceptance of death, and for their resilience. The orchids that she comes across appear to be a metaphor for her appreciation of poetry. I watered them once when the blossoms were full blown like polished poems.

I starved them They would not die. They are found practically everywhere, fromthe Artic Circle to semi-desert regions. Knowing the best orchid watering practices for your plant.

The reader must not rely on death i. As she was prepared herself to leave she admired their resilience to its environmentwhich was when she plucked their bloom, and pressed them between pages of memory possibly in the hope of understanding the lessons that can be drawn from her orchids someday.

When the male insect lands on it and "mates" with what really is the flower, the pollen attaches to the insect and stays with it until it reaches the next flower. As stated before, both poems focus on the admiration of a characteristic of a flower. Also the writer admires that, even after death, flowers can be used to sweeten the air, as seen with perfumes.

Death is not the way of escape from despair but rather hope in life itself. Towards the end of each poem, the speaker is changed by the message they interpret from the speaker.

Orchids come in all sizes and colors and with allkinds of aromas.

You can also try to grow orchids from seeds. The universal theme s of homelessness; searching for home-land; the quest for self-discovery; identity and belonging are all exemplified via this quest. The second poem, "Orchids", the poet uses the orchids as a metaphor for poems.

Separate these stalks gently from the main plant, and pot it separately in its own container. The qualities which are admired by the speakers face amplify this admiration.

There are as many as 20, species of orchidsthroughout the world and the orchid family may be the largestflowering plant family. What are the adaptations of an orchid?

You can wait until your orchid grows more stalks, which will sooner or later form its own roots. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Finding just enough sunlight to grow your orchid growth or using the best available substitute.Like the orchids, occurring in almost every habitat, the persona (a solitary orchid) is an archetype (symbol) for humanity’s teeming, wandering and restless souls on a futile quest for vain beauty while ignoring the beautiful purity of Nature’s craftsmanship, as seen in the orchids.

The universal theme(s) of homelessness; searching for home. Summary On The Poem Orchids By Hazel Simmons Mcdonald. POEM: "ORCHIDS" POET: HAZEL SIMMONS-McDONALD (St.

Lucian-born) FACTS: Ø Orchids are currently believed to be the largest family of flowering plants. Ø The number of orchid species equals more than twice the number of bird species, and about four times the.

poems ‘A Contemplation Upon Flowers’, written by Henry King, and ‘Orchids’ written by Hazel Simmons- McDonald. It can be seen that admiration was given to the flowers for their acceptance of death, and for.

The Poem titled Orchids composed by Hazel Simmons McDonald, focuses on the authors contemplation on a brief five weeks life on a single orchid plant and although the orchids had very little value to the author, The orchid is the symbol of her reaction to brief five week life.

A spray of orchids someone gave.

How do you plant orchids?

From a bouquet one who. Makes a ritual of flower-giving sent. I watered them once. When the blossoms were full blown. A poem by Hazel Simmons-McDonald. Theme. Death. Nature. Survival. Desire. Figurative Language: "When the blossoms were full blown Like polished poems.". Hazel Simmons-McDonald is the author of Writing in English ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Eploring the Boundaries of Caribbean /5(40).

Orchids by hazel simmons mcdonald
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