New terms introduced in business studies

The premium calculated on the basis of age or prospects of life is called pure premium. They provide short-term financial assistance for the business. Marketing Enterprises The organisation or establishment which does something with regard to sale of goods is called marketing enterprise.

It contains description of goods, quality, name and addresses of the consignor and the consignee. Trademark Legal protection for signs and symbols. Since ownership belongs to one individual, he is regarded as the financer, manager and the administrator of his business.

Business Enterprise The organization where various business activities are performed is called business enterprise. In forest and hilly areas transport is carried on through human beings. There is a linear flow, much like water flowing through a pipe.

However, you have to the stock somewhere which questions security and cost of storage. Indent Houses Indent houses are specialized houses in import trade and act as middlemen between the importer and the exporter.

Bank is a financial institution which acts as a purveyor of money as well as creator of money. Total Costs Fixed and variable costs added together.

Quick Decision Promptness in taking decision is termed as quick decision. The money borrowed under this contract is repaid when the ship arrive in the port of destination safely. One copy is regained by dock authorities and the second copy is returned to the exporter which is known as dock receipt.

In an op-ed on MarketWatch, [16] Choudary, Van Alstyne and Parker further explain how business models are moving from pipes to platforms, leading to disruption of entire industries.

The sole trader can take prompt decision with regard to his business affairs as he ha supreme authority over his business. One-price shop One price shop is a retail organisation where the prices of all commodities dealt carry a single price irrespective of their quality.

Foreign Trade Trade between two countries is called foreign trade. Taking more than one policies in case of life insurance is the best example of double insurance.

Alex Moazed, founder and CEO of Applicodefines a platform as a business model that creates value by facilitating exchanges between two or more interdependent groups usually consumers and producers of a given value. Nomination is termed as a device of transferring interest in the policy.

Shareholder An investor in and one of the owners of a company. They accept deposit from the investors and extend loans in the form of loan, cash credit, overdraft and discounting of bills. Delegation Occurs when a superior entrusts a task to a subordinate.

The warehouse keeper gives a note on the warrant with regard to goods delivered.

Business Studies Glossary

Sleeping Partner As the name implies, a sleeping partner is a person who sleeps and does not take active part in the day-to-day conduct of the business. Unique Selling Point Any aspect of a product that differentiates it from its competitors.10 New Words Every Business Owner Should Know Next Article so we thought it might be useful to take a look at the new terms.

Turns out several apply to business. What new business lingo. Study Business Studies Key Terms Flashcards at ProProfs - Key terms for AQA Business Studies AS Level.

Related Flashcards. Mapping the Post Modern - Key Figures and Key Terms An individual who takes a financial risk to create or start a new business or project. Enterprise: The skills needed to make a new idea work.

Opportunity Cost. Exchange Rates The price of one currency in terms of another, e.g. £1 = $ Business Structure, Organisation and Control employee and will be new to the business. On the job training Business Studies Glossary Author. The concept of business model has also been introduced into the accounting of deferred taxes under International Financial Reporting Standards with amendments to IAS 12 addressing () highlighted the difference between crafting a new business model when none is in place, as it is often the case with academic spinoffs and high.

Welcome to the updated page of Business Studies Glossary. This page includes some of the most significant technical terms mainly used in the field of Business Studies and Research. Generally in a Glossary terms are arranged in alphabetic list for better reference.

Key Terms – Business Studies A Level

But in this page I have given a. Key Terms – Business Studies A Level. Here are a list of key words that appear in Business Studies A-Level: Overtime, Hiring Temporary workers, Leasing Capital, Flexible Production, Holding Finished Stock and Non-Standard Orders.

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New terms introduced in business studies
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