My favourite band

You have drawn Tintin or the Little Prince in the margin of a math test. You have eaten several Shrinky-Dinks on purpose. You have attempted to use a Polaroid picture as an ID.

You have dissected a Nintendo game. You know what Fimo tastes like. You have tasted a scented pen. You have eaten relish as a meal. You have temporarily blinded someone by whipping your hair into them.

Your laundry room smells like Midori. Your favorite air freshener is New Car.

My Favorite

You own a piece of clothing that involves both argyle and leather. Your safety word is forty-seven syllables long. Your bedroom smells like Midori. You have cut a Nerf football in half to see what was inside.

Mike and the Mechanics: You have used Wite-Out on a pair of white loafers. You have made nachos while on ecstasy.

You have lost several silk scarves to escalators. You have woken up to a dog licking your hair. You have destroyed a calculator watch in anger. You think Europe is Asia.Dec 25,  · What's your favorite band? Update Cancel. ad by Everything But The House. but it's certainly not my favorite band.

My first and only concert has been In This Moment, One more reason that this is my favourite band is the name of it.

Kinda lame but being an electronics student AC/DC is what do, what we learn. 25 "Favorite" Bands That Are Huge Red Flags I just feel there is a fundamental difference in my soul and the soul of someone who likes Creed." but anyone who says their favourite band is.

My Favorite are an indie pop band formed in Long Island, New York inlater of Brooklyn and Queens. After releasing two full-length albums, the original band split inbut reformed in After releasing two full-length albums, the original band split inbut reformed in Can We Guess Your Favorite Band?

Our favorite band can say a lot about who we are. Can we guess yours?

IELTS Speaking Part 1: What’s your favourite…?

Start Quiz. My favorite band is One Direction.

What Your Favorite ’80s Band Says About You

I love One Direction because they are the most amazing band in the world. When I first heard their music, I knew that they were always going to be one of my favorites band. The Official Online Store For My Favorite Murder Merchandise!

My favourite band
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