Mission control telstra business plan

Im thinking this is because bith comouters are running off a seoerate data file. Thanks This thread is locked. Open support tickets associated with services that are being migrated will be handed-over to the Telstra Apps Marketplace support team.

Created on March 1, Telstra business mail "mission control" Hi all, This has been bothering me for sometime now and i really need to get to the bottom of it asap. How do I know that my services have been added to my Telstra Apps Marketplace services?

How do I access Mission Control? You can contact the support team on and select option 1. Your service will be still be billed a month-in-advance, but the billing period will be from the first of the month to the end.

My company has multiple products — how will this move affect me? Now we are currently running all our business emails through outlook as an exchange.

Please refer to the table further down in these FAQs for a full list. Someone else manages my services in Mission Control. What if I need to know more details about the migration, including additional billing questions?

Will there be any billing changes to yearly subscriptions? Our business email is set up through Telstra Australia and opperates through a mission control server. Please refer to the simple steps at the end of these FAQs.

This period will be billed in the coming months via Telstra Apps Marketplace. How will I be billed for the period from my last bill issued and the first bill from Telstra Apps Marketplace? The move will take place between Thursday March 23 and Saturday March 25, Products which belong to the same company will be moved to Telstra Apps Marketplace under one company account.

What if I have mail products and hosting products? When an email is read, deleted or sent it appears on both computers as done so. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Your existing mail products will be moved at a later date. However, if you need support for your current services, please contact the usual channels until after the move.

Will I be able to continue adding mailboxes, as per my current plan? I attemoted to run both off the one storage file but 2 computers cannot open the same data file at the same time.May 24,  · Telstra business mail "mission control" Hi all, This has been bothering me for sometime now and i really need to get to the bottom of it asap.

Our business email is set up through Telstra (Australia) and opperates through a mission control server. We are updating out office suite to officeinturn outlook information on Mission Control is located in the Mission Control User Guide Business Online Screen describes the screens and functions you will see when If your Hosting Plan is Mb or larger you will have an option activate Mission Control.

Business Business.

Telstra business mail

Business Online User Guide Telstra Corporation Limited. Not receiving Bigpond emails after changing from Telstra Mission Control.

I have recently changed my hosting over from Telstra to Digital Pacific. I've logged into Mission Control for the settings and attempted to reference them from the instructions provided by the 'instructions' on the site for email set up to outlook as there are no setting for mobile and Telstra Business have advised there is no support for mobile email for Telstra Business emails.

Feb 18,  · So I called the business desk and they sent me a new link to killarney10mile.com I suppose it’s typical that Telstra would do this type of activity without setting up a redirection service.

I suppose the business decision here was to just clog the help desk with calls and waste my time trying to figure it out. Benefits.

Add additional mailboxes to your Premium Hosting Plan and extend your email system as your business grows. Buy blocks of additional mailboxes as you need them - just purchase as many Business Mail add-ons as you need.

Mission control telstra business plan
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