Internal and external environment for marks and spencer

Examples of corporate culture include the internal process model which focuses on internal business environment and information and communication management are used so as to attain control and stability in the company.

Market penetration can be done by product development as their clothing lack variety and if they can develop this they can be competitive.

The first factor is the threat of new entrants in the retail industry.

They are uncontrollable external factors which influence the manner in which the company makes its decisions, and consequently affects its strategies and performance. Improve the Per Una brand as people like it.

Stakeholder Theory and Organizational Ethics. Managing all their stakeholders ensures that the organization is able to attain its objectives and goals both internally and externally and that a positive relationship is created through them and the company through good and effective management of their expectations.

This theoretical approach increases productivity through mutual trust between employees and management. Obtain customer opinion and feedback this helps not only in keeping up with the current trend in the clothing line but also helps to do research in the food and home appliances sector.

Nevertheless, as much as it is challenging stakeholder management offers a company many advantages in the end. The inherent limits of organizational structure and the unfulfilled role of hierarchy: In addition to that, there exists opportunities for low economy and major competitors like ASDA and Top Shop are considering the introduction of low cost home products in their markets Threat of substitute products in the industry is very high.

It can also be achieved by concentrating only on the UK market and consolidating it. Changes as such include the use of internet as a basis of online shopping store which widens the use of ecommerce in the industry.

Regain lost market share in clothing: Political Free trade agreements and European integration has opened up new markets for the UK and other organizations and countries to invest in Europe.

Competition is thus high as there is little or no product differentiation in the industry. Technology The retail industry in UK has witnessed radical technological changes.

There are different types of organizational structures that are used by organizations. This can be attributed to the fact that there are numerous retailers in both food sector and clothing sector in the industry and Marks and Spencer is greatly concerned about this.

Journal of Business Ethics 3: The company has done this by practically showing its commitment in the employee retirement, promotion, appraisal, training and development and recruitment and selection processes.

Marks & Spencer

The situational or contingency theory sees that companies are in a relation with the environment and requires these diverse environments so as to survive, Armstrong. Administrative theory has its basis on the management principles and considers management as planning, organizing, leadership and controlling organizational functions.

Legal Legal regulations and laws are being enacted and companies are closely monitored in the UK retail industry.

Despite that the retail environment is very attractive; there is some high level of difficulty in penetrating it. A companion to economic forecasting.

There are many theories which explain how an organization is structured. For Marks and Spencer it makes use of. Nevertheless, corporate culture can be defined as patterns of behaviors and mindsets which are shared by people in the same company. Good existing relationships as such are in the end converted into partnership and coalitions which built trust between marks and Spencer and its stakeholders.

Environmental Most companies nowadays opt for environmental friendly and renewable resources in their production which has posed a great challenge for many companies to maintain their market share.

In addition to that, paperless operations are being used and IT systems have offered a basis for this operation. Ahandbook of Human Resource Management Practice.

Marks & Spencer business environment analysis

Doing so is important, as not only does it enable a company to gain competitive advantage in the market place, but it also enables it to have an effective strategic management plan which is in line with its stakeholders. Lessons from a near-war. Consumers in the UK have the tendency of being loyal to one brand and the quality of products.Marks and Spencer external environment analysis External business analysis of a company is important as it takes into consideration external factors of the company that are essential for effective competitiveness in its industry currently as well as the future (Brinkman ).

Analysis of the External and Internal Environment of Marks & Spencer Porter's "Generic Competitive Strategies". Strategic Fit Sources: ANSOFF, Igor (). Aug 18,  · These are external environmental factors and include Political, environmental, social, technological, economic and legal factors affecting Marks and Spencer in executing its strategies.

This tool highlights the factor which is important and what an organization needs so as to compete in its industry, (Clements & Hendry, ). Marks and spencer is operating in a very competitive environment and there are many factors that affect the company in the outside environment.

As they operate in many segments like food cloths and home and beauty products they have to deal with a lot of competitors. External Forces Marks and Spencer has many external forces that affect the company.

These are known as macro environmental factors. There are six of these forces, Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors.

The discussion has been described in detail about the core analysis of M&S' internal and external environment, SWOT analysis of M&S has been included. Debenhams has been selected closest competitor of M&S because they have a comparable product base.

Internal and external environment for marks and spencer
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