How to write anonymous reviews on google

They asked me what to do; and I, in turn, asked my fellow SEO friends what to do. To see a translated review in another language: Mine looks like this: After your review is published, you can edit what you wrote, or change the rating and pictures you included.

The reviews and ratings you see in Google Maps were added by other users.

Google Reviews Get Easier, No Google+ Required

You can also write a review. That never seemed like a good answer to me, so I kept searching. To see places you can review, choose Contribute. In the top left, tap Menu Your contributions.

Google has no tolerance for fake reviews. The date on a review is the date that it was published. On the right, tap Edit choose a language. To see what your profile looks like to others: On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.

How to Leave a Google + Review as an Individual

Add a rating or review Notes: Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. To find high-quality reviews, look for Local Guides. Being tied to a primary account gives Google some governance, but what is to keep people from creating, optimizing and building up lots of dummy primary accounts with multiple dummy sub accounts then potentially even monetizing the accounts or the reviews from the accounts.

No doubt Google has algorithms to check for this, and reviews do go through additional processing once they are submitted, but the system may indeed still be gameable.

To look up reviews: These reviews and opinions are voluntary. Reload Google Maps and check the review again. We also do so to comply with a legal obligation. While I do not love the solution, I do appreciate the assistance!

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Write reviews and add ratings of places

Now, all you have to do when you want to leave an anonymous review or a couple is: Scroll down until you see 5 empty stars. This icon means a Local Guide wrote the review. Even though this process technically works, for the large majority of people, it is seriously broken.

My point is just that very few normal people would go to this level of effort to simply leave a review. Search for a place or tap it on the map. At the top, tap Reviews. Tap the stars to score the place. See or hide your reviews and ratings in your profile See your contributions Your reviews, shared photos, and Local Guides progress make up your Google Maps profile.

Your review will be visible in Google Maps until you take it down. I understand what Jade was going for in her response above. Here is some more info that others will see: Your profile is public, so other users can see the list of places you rated and reviewed.

No one really had a good answer, except to start leaving reviews on doctor-specific sites like healthgrades. Reviews are automatically processed to find inappropriate content such as obscene, offensive, or meaningless language. It does not matter how awesome or horrible your proctologist, gynecologist, psychologist or oncologist is — you might not want your name associated with a review of their services online for all to see for the rest of eternity.

Lots of thanks goes to John Mueller at Google for helping me figure this out.Google Reviews Just Got Easier – G+ No Longer Required 02 April ; by: Mike Blumenthal in: GetFiveStars Features & Updates; note: 28 comments It would appear that Google is now allowing users with just a Google account to leave a review.

The account can be either gmail or non gmail based. Jan 18,  · You can now post Anonymous Reviews on Google+ See How to Leave Anonymous Business Reviews in Google+ Although still valid, it is not as relevant anymore since Google no longer requires that a person uses his/her real name when setting up a Google+ Profile.

Here’s a breakdown of 17 prominent sites that allow private or anonymous reviews – and exactly how private each site is: (click to enlarge – it’s a big PDF file, so give it a second to crunch) A few notes. My goal for this was to mention least one private / anonymous site that you can encourage reviews on, no matter what your industry is.

Most people who write reviews want folks to read them. In other words they want them to have IMPACT! How do I leave an anonymous Yelp review?

How To Leave Anonymous Business Reviews In Google+

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Say Goodbye to the Anonymous Google Review

4 Answers. Do you trust Yelp or Google reviews when deciding where to dine? How do I leave an anonymous review on Google? How many Google reviews can.

17 Sites That Allow Private or Anonymous Reviews of Local Businesses

Apr 04,  · Google Reviews Get Easier, No Google+ Required be appended to the review, so reviews won’t be anonymous but mark a continued separation between Google+ and Google Search. to more reviews Author: Matt Southern. Say Goodbye to the Anonymous Google Review Posted on May 31, by Adriel Michaud One of the issues with Google, Yelp and most online reviews is that they’re easily gamed by competitors.

How to write anonymous reviews on google
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