Housewife vs working women

Housewife or a working woman - Your chioce of life partner?

They will always find a way of handling any crisis. A working woman understands the value of work. A career woman could, out of the guilt of being a working mother; feel the need to smother her child every chance she gets; making sure the child is not surrounded by strangers.

Then again different people react different; high pressure can bring out the best results in some people and the worst in others. For me personally, it is suffocating to have the universe ending at the main door and windows or garden fence and to live through my children.

Brainy person can manage anything!! There is always a tug of war between these two categories of females. It also depends on the situation of the person.

April 8th, at 2: January 3rd, at 7: The other problems arises when the husband cannot have a living without his wife salary and praying she still carry a job. A argument that career mothers are better because they are more capable to educate their child is not applicable anyway, as surely the level of education a child needs before entering schooling can be taught by anyone and certainly will not include complex accounts management or advance trigonometry!!!

Would you ever ask this kind of a question to a girl that whether she wants to marry a house husband or a working man. And they do bring in useful money, one must admit. All of this depends on her personality. If she wishes to work, if she is confident of handling both and if her spouse and family are willing to support her, then she can have a career.

I left my management level job for my kid. This debate is to be continued. If his wife was employed, she would stay back, he would have to shift and he would miss out on family life because the children would be with her.

I teach my boys the alphabet,numbers,colors, shapes,we go outside and do various activities, cook,clean, and the list goes on. Housewives work hard too with their domestic tasks, and are often overworked and in bad moods. Thats why generally working woman is definitely with more broden and matured view than a housewife.

All those women who felt women should not work said women should learn to manage the family within what their husbands earned. Let us be a real mothers and hous wives and not allow to the foregners To take away our privecy My femeninty push me so hard to be a home wife And after my bad working experience after having ababy it is so Cleare to me what is better for my family NB my husband was pushing me to work because he is busy all the time And he thoght if i will stay at home i will make a problems But after having our baby and after my anxiety and my worry for her He agree about it.

But all others would remain the same. A working woman keeps husband in less financial tension as she also adds financial security to home.

His wife was completing her higher education and was planning to take up a job. But I also remember the love, and most of all, her being my role model to go and fulfil my potential. There are women who have no choice but work. Hire Writer Another lady accused her husband of having got used to having her wait on him; give him his coffee when he comes home, etc.

Especially when they are not ambitious career women themselves.All the ladies who wanted to work and were working were vociferously advocating that women should work.

All those who were qualified and who wanted to work should be encouraged. This was their viewpoint. Working Women VS Housewives 3rd March by Respect Women 1 0 With the facet of family economics going through transilience, majority of men prefer to marry a working.

Housewives Are More Responsible Mothers Than Working Women. In conclusion there's little difference between a housewife and a working lady. Housewives Are More Responsible Mothers Than Working Women.

What do you think? Yes (79%) No (21%) Related Debates.


30 Responses to “WORKING WOMAN Vs. HOUSEWIFE” it actually varies from person to person if they are capable of dealing stress irrespective of being housewife or working women. those who suffer from stress,its good for them to stay at home. Just a working women gets out of her bed in the morning to do a job, so does a housewife.

Many housewives work harder than women with jobs, but the work is undervalued due to the view of society. Report Post. Aug 13,  · Weekly discussion - "Housewife Vs Working women" House Wife Vs working women is infact a very interesting topic of discussion.

It is perhaps a known fact that earlier the womens were not given more prominence and were not exposed to .

Housewife vs working women
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