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This is a road picture where three men travel along the way to find a hidden treasure that Clooney says he has hidden to his two other cell mates. But back to Clooney. To take just one of the many flecks and touches: Continue reading Add your rating See all 23 kid reviews.

And that is not common in todays cinema. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Sign in to vote. This film has everything in it from a jail break, crooked southern politicians, muses, references to what I can only assume are historical figures, riverside baptisms, bank robberies, violence towards animals, singing flocks of religious fanatics, KKK, lynch mobs and so on.

Whether it be old or new, the choice is up to you! They hook up for a bank robbery with gleeful adrenaline freak George Nelson a wonderfully live-wired Michael Badaluccowho hates his nickname, Babyface, and goes into a huge post-crime funk.

The following review will be spoiler free. Unlike many of his other films, Clooney has a daffy, lovingly idiotic feel about him throughout this film that is incredibly endearing. That is reason enough to see something that they put out. He has to take them along because they were also chained to him when they had their chance to escape.

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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I like all the principal actors in the film and many of them are Coen cronies. But the reason that I do recommend this film is for one reason only.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

There is also a nice religious element that plays throughout the movie that I thought played very nicely. We follow our three lead characters as they escape from a prison chain gang in Mississippi. The man just has charisma. But it is made with marvellous clarity and fluency, and Joel and Ethan Coen attain a comic simplicity that other film-makers can only dream of.

In the course of this hunt, they find treasure of a different sort: O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Coens are original and they are good.

His work here is quite awesome and I really hope this shows that he is capable of playing any range of character. As always, the Coen brothers present an array of quirky characters with faces closer to gargoyles and caricatures than to Hollywood prettiness.

They make their way home, meeting up with an assortment of oddball characters, including bank-robbing legend George "Babyface" Nelson.

The anxiety of influence is felt much more strongly from Sturges than the 3,year-old Greek poet. The two best examples of that are The Big Lebowski and Fargo.O Brother, Where Art Thou? has brio, wit, and style, and the whole picture is air-cushioned with appealing comedy and its own unassuming good nature.

Film Review – O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Simply: this is a film which is impossible to. O Brother, Where Art Thou? is the Being John Malkovich of the year The most remarkable thing about it is just how any sane studio executive agreed to back it.

Full Review | Original Score: B. May 08,  · Teens might enjoy this offbeat Odyssey adaptation. Read Common Sense Media's O Brother, Where Art Thou? review, age rating, and parents guide.4/4.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Dec 29,  · The opening titles inform us that the Coen Brothers' "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" is based on Homer's The Odyssey. The Coens claimed their "Fargo" was based on a true story, but later confided it wasn't; this time they confess they haven't actually read The Odyssey.

/5. Dec 22,  · The opening credits of Joel and Ethan Coen's new film, ''O Brother, Where Art Thou?,'' announce rather grandly that the picture is ''based upon 'The Odyssey,' by Homer.'' The filmmakers even. Movie reviews for O Brother Where Art Thou.

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Film review o brother where art
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