Essay on t.v. an idiot box

Just because of television there are number of employment. Indeed, watching television has practically become a routine activity for the evening.

Why TV Is Called Idiot Box

Now there are cable connections in most of the houses and with the advent of international channels on our television, the popularity of TV has grown many folds. They get entertainment after they get bored while doing household chores.

However, the television turns into a curse when it interferes with the normal routine of our day. This made the TV what it is today. In some ways TV is a boon. One hardly comes across a house today that does not have a TV set. No, for TV has its good side too. The children Essay on t.v.

an idiot box new physical exercises and the students get more information about their lessons. Many children, who are too much enamored of it, get their eyesight impaired. Hair and beauty salons too have television sets to keep their clients entertained. It is an audio-visual device, no less important in providing information on varied topics than a newspaper.

They also learn new lessons in cookery, knitting, sewing, interior decoration etc. They might skip meeting a friend or calling on their relatives because they would rather watch a movie on television.

TV is useful for farmer to. But does all this mean that one should not watch TV? TV is no longer a luxury. Apart from old and new documentary and feature films, interesting and educative dramas, one-act plays and several historical and mythological serials are telecast over the television.

The meteorological forecasts greatly help the farmers and the fishermen. Television sets appeared to spring up in every locality, household and currently every room!

Its influence is felt by everyone, whether they be poor, middle-class or affluent. Among many funny, fascinating and thought provoking essays, there was one which got the teacher teary-eyed.

It is a great source of entertainment. Importance of Television Television is good source of information and entertainment. One can hear speeches, debates and witty contests. Interestingly, Marx was a famous television personality himself, which makes it all the more difficult to consider his understanding of the television.

Without television we would hardly have any audio visual source of information about happenings in the country and abroad. Without television our lives would be very dull indeed.

It is a source of great temptation for children to watch a cartoon show or a movie on TV rather than study. We feel thrilled to get highlights of Olympic and other games. With a manifold increase in entertaining content on television, more and more people got glued to it.

We have to consider its advantages and disadvantages. Fans remain glued to it like an idiot. Content which is aimed at making people smart and educated is a rarity on most television shows. TV has become part of our day to day life as we are stuck to it. Wrong advertisement leads to problem, suppose if wrong information is broadcast of a product then it might affect that product business.

Does watching lot of TV affect us? Because advertisements are majorly broadcast by this medium and it might be good or bad. Tweet Television is called an idiot box because of the dampening and addictive influence it has on viewers. By now, we have a plethora of channels on TV which we can spend almost an entire day on, just by flipping through them!

If one balances the TV viewing time and time for work, then TV is a boon all the way, else it may become a curse. In fact, a person wanting to improve his intelligence quotient is better off not watching such content at all.

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TV -an idiot box. TV is a household name now. One hardly comes across a house today that does not have a. Television is called an idiot box because of the dampening and addictive influence it has on viewers.

Essay on Television (Idiot Box) | Advantages and Disadvantages

The prime reason for TV being an idiot box, is not the television itself, but its content. a teacher asks all her students to write an essay on what they would like God to do for them. Among many funny, fascinating and thought provoking.

words sample essay on The Television (Free to read) Article shared by. “The Idiot box” It is so because the typical TV. Fans remain glued to it like an idiot.

Words Essay on The Educative Value of Television (free to read) words essay for school and college students on The Postman. Television is also called as “Idiot Box”. Don’t be surprise by looking alternative name for TV as Idiot Box. As we know this idiot box.

Essay on t.v. an idiot box
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