Essay on large scale industries

The different services lines in IT enabled services off-shored to India include customer care, finance, human resources, billing and payment services, administration and content development etc.

The process of removal of quantitative and non-quantitative restrictions across countries has led to agree movement of goods between countries including India.

What is the Importance of Large Scale Industries?

In textiles, competition came from Japan and from many new mills that were started in small towns far from Bombay. This sector has proved itself as one of the fastest-growing segments in manufacturing in the current year 12 contributing 27 per cent to average industrial growth, more than three times its weight in the IIP.


The problem has assumed the shape of: By catalysing adequate investment in this sector, the Ministry has helped in creating employment opportunities and upgraded human capital formation in the rural sector. But it is not so in a small unit. Till Octoberprojects have already gone into commercial production.

Today history is repeating itself. Production of electronic items is likely to register a growth rate of 30 per cent per annum during the Eleventh Plan period.

The capital base of the small industrial units is usually very weak. Intotal production of raw jute in India was only 3. Cambridge University Press, The Ministry of Information Technology has initiated institutional mechanisms for facilitating initiatives towards greater utilisation of IT as an enabling tool for efficiency and effectiveness in Government.

Small scale industries occupy an important place in the economy of the country. Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie claims that guilds negatively affected quality, skills, and innovation in areas that they were present.

The export of all segment of automobiles increased from 1. To meet this gap, various programmes were undertaken during the plans for intensive and extensive cultivation of jute in the country.

Essay on Small Scale Industries (SSI)

Inthe industry registered negative growth rate of - 2. There are two aspects to the problem: Total volume of production and export of the automobile industry of India is also increasing considerably in recent years.

In a country like India, a vibrant agrarian and rural economy requires establishing forward linkages in the form of food processing industries. To further harness this potential, the Government has taken several important initiatives to make India a global information technology super power and a frontrunner in the era of information revolution.

However, exports of processed fruits and vegetables are estimated to increase to Rs crore in as compared to Rs crore in Total employment generated by IT software and services also increased from 1.

Total production of cement in the country also rose from a mere 2. There are also many light electrical engineering industries engaged in the production of electric fans, dry cells, electrical lamps, domestic refrigerator, washing machines. Yet turmoil in the financial market, caused by debt crisis and gold exports, led to a conversion of idle rural assets into industrial-commercial uses.

The problem of shortage of power has become so widespread that for the last few years it has been among the most glaring and telling problems of the economy. Small-Scale Industries have great importance in the growth and development of the Indian economy.

By locally available resources we mean natural resources available locally, craftsmanship, family labour, entreprenurial ability etc. Growth of IT Sector:Industry is the production of goods or related services within an economy.

How to write an Essay on the Role of Small Scale Industries in The Indian Economy?

The major source of revenue of a group or company is the indicator of its relevant industry. [2] When a large group has multiple sources of revenue generation, it is considered to be working in different industries.

Essay Introduction: In India, the Small-Scale Industries play an important role in the growth of the economy. Industries can be classified on the basis of their size in terms of money invested on the basis of investment, industries are classified into — Large-Scale Industries, Small-Scale Industries, Ancillary Industries and Tiny Industries.

LARGE-SCALE INDUSTRY, –LARGE-SCALE INDUSTRY, – The term "large-scale industry" refers to factories that combine at least three characteristics: use of machinery, employment of wage labor, and the application of regulatory measures such as the Factory Act or Disputes Act.

Thus, the Tata Iron and Steel Industry can be classified as a mineral-based industry, a basic or key industry, a large-scale industry, labour-intensive industry, private sector industry and a heavy industry.

Large- scale agro-based industries are generally set up in large cities, or in semi- urban areas. Rural agro-based industries are generally organised either on a cottage or small-scale basis, and possess most of their characteristics. Large scale industries change the pattern of export.

In the old days, we exported skin, tea, jute, jute products, spices of different types, and cotton clothes to foreign countries. Due to the development of large scale industries, we are now able to export engineering products, heavy electric products and other industrial products.

Essay on large scale industries
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