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RIt is the residual income for period t NIt is the net income for period t re is the cost of equity capital CEt-1 is the common equity at t-1 In words residual income is the amount that net income exceeds the capital charge on common equity.

Certainty of object — beneficiary of the trust — must be clearly identified. What is a Benefit? Can simply be a gift with a moral condition, or a gift subject to a condition.

Muschinski v Dodds, Baumgartner v Baumgartner type cases Existence of a relationship in itself will not give rise to the implication of a trust — Stowe v Stowe.

Equity Research analysts follow stocks and make recommendations on whether to buy, sell, or hold those securities using Fundamental Analysis. Research Report Once you have prepared the financial modeling and find the fair valuation of the company, you need to communicate this to your clients through Research Reports.

Try to ensure that you take CFA examination and pass atleast a couple of levels. Below is a sample of Equity Research Report. To understand this in detail, let us look at the diagram below — As noted above, on one side is the Buy Side firms like Hedge FundsPension Funds, Insurance Companies, Mutual funds etc.

The main responsibilities of Junior Analyst is to support the Associate in every format. Before you start ratio analysis, you should populate atleast the last 5 years of financial statements Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows in excel.

The law has found a public benefit in the promotion of religion as an influence upon human conduct. Baumgartner v Baumgartner and Mitchinski v Dodds preferred to look at this as being based on the unconscionable retention of a benefit, although it has been commented that this essentially introduces the idea of remedial constructive trusts into Australian law.

Under Common Law, if you want to vary obligation obtained by deed, must be done by another deed. Rights will just be rights, with historical origins being irrelevant. It has been argued that this is synonymous with a remedial constructive trust; but the case law leans toward it being based on the unconscionable retention of a benefit: Check if there is anything that the clients should know and work accordingly.

However, where legal title is vested in one person and another person contributes, it may be held to be on constructive trust for that other person. Certainty of subject matter — property of the trust — must be specified with clarity, 3.

Like cases should be decided alike, and mere historical differences do not justify differences in outcome. Fee income is earned by brokerage trades Soft Dollars.

Role of Equity Research Equity Research plays a very critical role that fills the information gap between the buyers and sellers of shares. Compliance with formalities that need to be followed, 2. Later, both entered into simple variation by contract for reduced sum.

Last Update The notes are current as of June Berry v Berry, Lecture 1: Asset pricing and the equity premium puzzle Simon Gilchrist Boston Univerity and NBER EC Fall, Equity and Trusts Law Notes The following notes consider equitable doctrines and remedies with a focus on the Australian, United Kingdom and Canadian jurisdictions.

Equity Research | A Complete Beginner’s Guide

They were developed in conjunction with my study of the subject Equity and Trusts at the University of Melbourne in Semester 1, View Notes - Lecture Notes (Equity) from ACCT at University of California, Berkeley.

Chapter Shareholders Equity Chapter Objectives 1) Recall basic concepts of equity and contributed.

Extensive lecture notes from the lectures Equity and Trust Law 2013/14 (64 pages)

Equity Investment Analysis - Financial Statement Analysis - Lecture Notes, Study notes for Financial Statement Analysis. Amity Business School. Basic Concepts Of Equity And Trust Revision.

Equity and Trusts Law Notes

The following is a plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Trusts and Equity killarney10mile.com text version has had its formatting removed so pay attention to its contents alone rather than its presentation.

law of trusts lecture nature of trusts what is trust?

Law Of Trust - Lecture notes, lectures 1 - 10

american restatement (third) of trusts article “the trust is fiduciary relationship with respect to Law Of Trust - Lecture notes, lectures 1 - 10 - LAWS Equity and Trusts - StuDocu.

Equity lecture notes
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