Anthropology facts on my big fat greek wedding

Toula is horrified to learn that her parents invited the entire family to a quiet dinner and the Millers unused to such cultural fervor are woefully uncomfortable.

Ian tries to make peace with her family by going to her house and asking permission to date her, to which Gus stubbornly refuses. Trying to keep her deepening affair with Ian a secret from her nosy family, Toula pretends to be going to a night pottery class.

Moreover, the Greek Orthodox religion — one of the first Christian religions - is shown not positively for its deep-rooted traditions and customs, which date to the time of Christ; Rather, the Church is mocked for its chanting, baptism, wedding, Sunday school, and Greek language.

For example like my parent, they came from different island, which has different language, food, tradition, character, even though they are Indonesian. The older may be the head of the family like king, the grandfather, the grandmother, the father,etc.

They are depicted as an ignorant race that holds together with ridiculous beliefs and traditions. The event was a success for everyone. The two start dating and dad finds out.

After the party, Gus easily sees the rift between the families and still has trouble accepting it. Gus gives a toast and found that Miller comes from Milo which means apple in Greek. They love to make party and invited the whole big family for every single event.

Anthropology Facts On My Big Fat Greek Wedding

While in the bed at night, Ian proposes to Toula, who accepts and Gus is ultimately forced to accept it also. If you want to understand other cultures, you can learn them and actually get inside them and act according to what expect in them.

Or big problem if we understand the meaning of culture itself. This movie dismisses hardship and struggle, racism and struggles against oppressive immigration statutes. However Gus stubbornly refuses.

Despite this, Toula and Ian still manage to visit his apartment and meet his parents, who are as straightlaced and conservative as her family is demonstrative. My Intercultural Relationship on my experience My parents are coming from different culture.

Her father wants her to get married Anthropology facts on my big fat greek wedding says she is getting so old. But the wedding is on, and it is big and loud. After a short montage, Toula has been taking computer classes, make herself looks beautiful like swapping her coke — bottle glasses for contacts, putting on blush.

My Father is Menadonese while my Mother is Javanese. On the day of the wedding, Toula has a large pimple on her face and morning madness break out. In spite of this, he tells Toula that he just wants to spend some time with her and they share their first kiss.

She also attends a seminar for computers tourism. Very little is known of Greek culture in America. She also fought for her love in the positive way, even though she realized that it was an uphill task to convince her daddy, Gus, to accept her boy friend who is non Greek like in their tradition.

She flashes back to being different and not fitting in at school as a little girl, because she was staunchly Greek and nerdy. I feel happy with the different of my parent culture because it makes me learned more than other children, at least my other friend which their parent is coming from the same culture.

Then Gus gets emotional and reveals the wedding gift. Upon leaving her twenties and hitting 30, she believes she has not changed for much better and is headed for disaster. But they manage to assimilated their culture because they willing to learn each other.

She also realized there are a lot of difference in culture and character between her Portokalos family which is demonstrative and the Miller family which is conservative. Excited, the couple hug her parents and music and merriment break out.

Then the movie ends with Ian and Toula living next door with their little daughter who complains about going to Greek School. Lessons that I have learned from this movie Greek — Americans should have protested this film. When Toula is urged to talk about her family life, Ian discovers that she was, in fact, the once — frumpy woman hosting the guests in the restaurant.

While the Menado people more open and tolerant for that. As the movie closes, it is revealed that Gus and Maria have bought their daughter a house next door to them. Soon, Ian asks her to marry him and the family must accept it! Toula will work for travel agency while Voula and her husband Taki take a vacation and Nikki, their daughter works for the restaurant.

And said out a lot of argument which is make sense for me.“MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING” Short Summary This is a story about a plain young woman who transformed herself into a beautiful young woman, her name is.

If a person is “big-assed,” they, have, of course, a large butt! Do you know who’s at the dry cleaners? A store where clothes are cleaned in a way that does not use water.

Angelo, bite me!:: Disgusting, be a lady! My Big Fat Greek Wedding. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" came out over 12 years ago, and, as we reported earlier today, is getting a big fat sequel.

It's a testament to. When you come from a different culture, especially when you are so attached to that culture, like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it becomes very difficult to have to go against your usual cultural ways.

Trying to please your parents and yourself can even become a challenge, when the two of you want alternative [ ].

Free Essay: An Intercultural Analysis of My Big Fat Greek Wedding GDUFS SEIB Nicole Guan As a typical intercultural movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is. My Big Fat Greek Wedding () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

Anthropology facts on my big fat greek wedding
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