Accuracy improvement method of eddy current

Test Device In this article,we use OD models of eddy current sensor, production index as follows: At this time, the number of interval is too large, and the interval model is different and it is against the demand of actual research.

While for the point of poor stability in multiple measurementsselect the maximum error value. Then the best job interval is determined according to the given error range. Choose USB for data acquisition card, sampling frequency Hz; use steel as the measurement object, and two instruments measure simultaneously to obtain the displacement changes of inductive displacement sensors and the voltage change of eddy current sensor.

This approach,with high stability, reliability, good practical significance and practical engineering value, is a useful complement to sensor measurement theory. That is to say ,establish the first point and second point data linear fitting function is followed by setting up the first, second, and third data linear fitting function then the first, second, third and fourth point data fit the linear relationship.

The phase-based PCA is built in each phase to monitoring Penicillin fermentation process in order to verify performance of proposed method. Obviously, the "maximum ranges segment" is included in the interval paragraph of "minimum interval".

A Way to Improve Eddy Current Sensor Measurement Accuracy

Due to the displacement interval of[,] is accord with the demand of precision and the requirement of ranges according to the principle of "maximum ranges segment", Therefore, select [,] Accuracy improvement method of eddy current as workspace. The high stability of this method is demanded for the instrument,and the system error is the main source of error, otherwise it is difficult to obtain high-precision ranges of available segment.

The best working range of is determined by The principles of "minimum interval" and "maximum ranges segment" depending on the measurement accuracy instruments.

According to the needs of accuracy and range, the standard deviation is given as 1. This paper devises a vertical analysis model of fault data of running smart meter.

In order to overcome the shortcoming of PCA-based methods, a novel phase-division method based on dissimilarity index is proposed. Many different phased-based monitoring methods had been proposed. The principle of the minority working period is used to reduce the number of different mathematical models that accords with the condition, the data is contained in several intervals, in order to use the fewer mathematical models to improve the accuracy.

The method has good practical significance and engineering value. An important feature of batch process data is that many batch processes have multiple phases.

The number of the segments of the displacement of the choice interval for interval is eight according to the principle of minimal interval the minimum length displacement is 1mmas shown in Table 3. The model firstly clean the useless data, then do the regress analysis, and get the fault data and changing rate of the fault of each batch, which are utilized to do the cluster to evaluate the stability of the quality of the factory.Eddy current method is widely used in practice for quality testing of conducting materials (examples include determination of electrical conductivity, thickness of metal coatings, identification of flaws in a conducting medium).

effects. Generally, eddy-current effects are divided into skin effect and proximity effect. The classical definition of skin-effect loss is the extra AC loss in a single isolated conductor which is carrying a time-varying current.

And the correspond-ing definition of proximity-effect loss in a winding is defined as the total eddy-current loss minus the. This method is used in commercial eddy current sensor, resulting from the improvement of precision. killarney10mile.comuction Home and abroad, researchers in.

Reduction of Electrical Runout to Improve the Accuracy of Eddy Current Probe Sensing of Turbomachinery Vibration The objective of the work reported in this paper is to reduce the effect of electrical runout in order to improve accuracy of eddy current probe sensing of turbomachinery vibration.

Application of Eddy Current Method for. On the basis of construction of a two-parameter nonlinear model of the inverse transformation function of the “eddy-current primary converter–tested object” system, we propose a method for measuring the specific electric conductivity of materials and the thicknesses of dielectric coatings of the shells.

Many different phased-based monitoring methods had been proposed. The key question of those methods is how to divide the phases of batch process. However, PCA-based methods of phase division that identify phases by extracting the first principal component of each time slice lead easily to high misclassification.

Accuracy improvement method of eddy current
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